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Terrific Fun and Inspirative Office Interior Design Ideas for Better Impression

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 Manufacture: Decoration, Interior Designs, Office Designs

Attractive But Fun stylish Office Meeting room for Awesome Sensation
Image Credit: besthomegallery
Do your company has shown a declining performance lately? Do your employees perform a more disappointing productivity but you feel that there’s nothing wrong with your company’s regulations and policies? Maybe you need to something different to your office room to create a more inspiring and exciting atmosphere for your employees. Every person such as your employees might feel bored or saturated with their daily routines and activities. A colorful interior might work as a solution in solving your problem. Office interior can comes from a bright-painted wall …

Welcoming and Inviting Nice Office Kitchen Design Ideas for Fun Break Time

Sunday, October 9, 2011 Manufacture: Kitchen Designs, Office Designs

Small Modern Office Kitchen But Fun spot for Warm ConversationImage Credit: kennedyerin.blogspot
What thing that you have in mind when being asked about image of an office? Maybe many people will give same the answer: a big spacious room full of employees working behind their desks with documents. However, there are many more activities in an office than we might imagine. People who work in office building obviously need other facilities besides their work space. A pantry or office kitchen is just one them. Kitchen in an office is also important because many employees might need to make coffee or …

Stylish Fascinating and Credible Interior Design of AMP Capital Investors Office

Friday, August 26, 2011 Manufacture: Interior Designs, Office Designs

Stylish Innovative and Cozy Lobby Area Interior Design of AMP Capital Investors OfficeThis office is the AMP Capital Investor was design by andrewcoxinteriors to achieve goal for their new tenancy which was to create an ambiance that promoted a single culture that encourage and engaged their staff. This was achieved in the design of the open plan layout for all staff with clustered breakout spaces that enjoy the harbor views. The floor area covered of 1840m2 over two floors. The reception area shows the vitality with sculptured, curved angled walls, and a stand alone reception desk and It interactive environments, made the …

Great Creative Innovative Office Design of MTV Network Office and Headquarters

Friday, April 1, 2011 Manufacture: Office Designs

MTV Network OfficeThis office design is awesome! Great Design Ideas of MTV Headquarters office has come. With the redesigned and newly organized reception, meeting and break room areas at MTV headquarters, a long-held wish of employees becomes a reality and a once gloomy office complex on the Spree can finally function as the head offices. Whether eating lunch in the Network Kitchen, in the Blue Lounge or in the Brand Garden under a stylized canopy of leaves, there are ample choices for taking time out during the workday. Fans of table tennis …