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14 Cool Stair Railing Ideas

Sponsored Links, Monday, August 20, 2012 Category: General Designs

custom stair railingImage credit: Custom Made

Your stair railings are more than a simple way to get from a floor to another. At the same time they will enhance the value of your home through their unique, beautiful, or inviting look. Stair railings could be the focal point of your interior or exterior in which many people will see when they come to your house. Thus, you need to think harder to get the best selection of railings for stairs. Nowadays there is a wide variety of materials to build stair railings such as wood, metal, stainless steel, glass, or iron. Wooden railings will give a nice and elegant look to your home. Woods are always the best choice if you want to have a warm atmosphere in your home. Compared to wooden stair railings, iron stair railings offer more decorative options and can be equally safe and functional. Glass railings are another good option for your modern house. The stained glass one offers you a wide variety of beautiful designs. Metal railings are able to add luxury and elegance to your staircase. You can also have a combination of glass and metal stair railing for more decorative and attractive look. Well, the following are some great ideas of stair railings for your living space, including the indoor and outdoor stair railings. Get inspired.

handrailing ideaImage credit: Bennett Stair Company

wooden stair railingImage credit: Mid City

stair railing ideaImage credit: Andrew Vassallo

zig zag stair railingImage credit: Deviant Art

steel stair railingImage credit: Hype Villa

wooden handrailImage credit: Alibaba

handrailingImage credit: Luxury Home Decorating

custom stair railingImage credit: Custom Made

custom made handrailingImage credit: Custom Made

beautiful handrailingImage credit: Silver Spray

iron handrailingImage credit: Made in China

stair railingsImage credit: Custom Made

beautiful stair railingImage credit: Custom Made

modern stair railingImage credit: Homewah

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